Just like Western medicine, Chinese medicine covers a wide spectrum of diseases. We don't simply ease symptoms as many are led to believe, but also help treat the disease. CMC believe that both Western and Eastern medicine have their strengths and weakness. They should therefore coexist and collaborate. The following are a few examples of forces of Chinese medicine.

Fertility Problems

A happy baby visits the clinic

Helena, 42 years old, suffered from pregnancy difficulties. We diagnosed her condition to be heat and dampness in the liver-meridian. We treated her from December 2005 - May 2006. In total she had 22 acpuncture treatments combined with 12 herbal treatments.
In May 2006 she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy daughter.

Anna, 42 years old, tried artificial insemination twice but both attempts failed. In March 2006 she came to us, we diagnosed here symptoms to be caused by cold and weakness in the whole body. In total she had 8 acupuncture treatments combined with 9 herbal treatments. Two months after the treatment, June 2006, she became pregnant.

Chinese diagnostics

Minqi Yang with a patient at the clinic in Lund

A couple had unsuccessfully been trying to have a baby for five years. They had been diagnosed by the hospital, and results showed no physiological abnormalities Why were they unable to conceive? Chinese pulse diagnostics was able to identify that the female was suffering from “qi and blood deficiency” and “internal coldness”. After a month’s treatment using Chinese herbs, the woman was pregnant.

Chinese treatment

According to Chinese medicine the cause of pain comes from the stagnation of flow at different parts of the body. By stimulating the meridians and returning a flow in the body will help to relieve the pain. CMC has treated several hundred frozen shoulder patients of which, 95 % of have recovered.


Whiplash injuries can be treated.

Chinese Medicine is also effective towards many kinds of skin diseases e.g eczema, skin inflammation, psoriasis and abnormal skin of different kinds. Basically, skin problem comes from an overflow of reaction in the body. The treatment is mainly aimed at decreasing overflow and removing inner heat. A man in his 40's had suffered from skin problems for 35 years; 70 % of his skin was covered with a rash and the skin was flaking and itched badly. After one month of treatment 90 % of his skin returned to normal. A nurse suffered from same disease on her hands, and after 6 treatments she has completely recovered.

Patients with chronic diarrhoea are cause by inflammation of large intestine according to Western medicine. In Chinese medicine we diagnose it in many cases. A 24-year-old had experienced problems with diarrhoea ever since childhood. Diarrhoea had made her weak, thin and always tired. She recovered after 8 treatments with normal stool formation and normal body weight.


Jinbo Zong and Minqi Yang with patients from Kalmar

Asthma patients have also had successfull treatments in our clinic. Herbal medicine to control asthma is very effective. A professor suffered from asthma for many years; The symptoms he had were breathing difficulties, and constant cold, for which he had to take antibiotics. After treatment with Chinese herbs, all cold symptoms had disappeared.

Rheumatic arthritis is a chronic disease that is very difficult to treat. The cold weather in Scandinavia is known to cause aches and pains in joints. Common tablets for rheumatism cause abdominal complications, tiredness and immune deficiency. A 48-year-old dentist suffered heat complications, joint and muscle pain for 18 years. This gave her difficulties in the workplace. CMC diagnosed her rheumatism as a symptom of the coldness within her body. She was helped after only 4 treatments and is now living a full life.

A woman in her 50s working as secretary suffered severe spasm in her calves for 4 years. The frequency of the attack was once every hour during the night. This caused her sleeping difficulties. After her first treatment she had only one attack during the night. After 5 treatments she was fully recovered. The method applied to her case was a combination of natural herbs for internal use and a footbath, Chinese medical massage and acupuncture.


Acute back injury and other body parts heal much faster with herbal salvoes in combination with other treatments. There can be immediate results, for instance the patient comes to the clinic with crutches and leaves the clinic without.

If you are suffering from strange symptoms,don’t hesitate to call us!


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