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Chinese Natural Herbs

A large part of the TCM treatment is based on natural herbs. By combining acupuncture with herbs the body receives a treatment at several levels, giving faster results.

Chinese herbal medicine applies hundreds of ingredients from the plant world, which could be combined into thousand of different prescriptions that works against almost any existing symptoms in the body. One prescription contains around 16-20 different herbs, which could be prepared as an extract. Extracts can easily be taken up by the body and give immediate result. Depending on your diagnosis the doctor will make a herb mix aiming to balance Yin and Yang in different organs (so called Zang Fu) and generally strengthen your body.

At the beginning of each visit an individual diagnosis is made and your herb mix is adjusted accordingly.

The picture shows some of the most commonly used herbs: Chisandra, Angelica root, Goji berries, Liquorice root and Ginger.

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