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Diagnosis: Palpation

Palpation is a form of diagnosis by feeling and touching. It is divided into tow parts:

Touching, is a form of diagnosis made by feeling and tapping local areas of the body to ascertain:

Pulse Diagnosis:

Pulse diagnosis, as it applies to Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the most important form of palpation, and is very different from that of Western physicians. In performing pulse palpation, the practitioner places the index, middle, and ring fingers on the radial artery. Three degrees of pressure, the light touch, the medium touch, and the heavy touch are applied to the region and correspond to the upper, middle, and lower areas of the body.
In traditional terms, there are 28 pulse classifications, which describe the way the pulse feels to the fingertip. Some examples of these classifications are:

These, along with 20 other descriptions, must be taken into consideration during pulse diagnosis. This requires a tremendous amount of skill and practice, and when properly executed is one of the most important and accurate means of correctly diagnosing a patient.

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