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Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is one of the most complex medical arts in the world today. It has constantly been evolving for over 4000 years, with every generation, doctors contributing to form an immense repository of wisdom. The fundamental difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is;

Western medicine is based on identify, attack and finally eliminate the disease/pathogen

Whilst Chinese medicine:

Analyses the change of the human body condition. The change in the body will cause an imbalance, which is indicated by signals. The character of signals indicates through symptoms. To gain health one needs to regain balance of the body.

TCM theory consists of a methodology with many concepts and definitions of natural rules. The most important of them all is the comprehensive view, which states that human must be interpreted as a whole: the body, the psychic is connected; the individual is connected to the environment, pervious experience in life will affect health condition in the future.

Yin and yang is another central principal of Chinese medicine that explains how life maintains and creates. Other concepts that are important for Chinese medicine are:

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