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Our Clinic

CMC was established in 1996 by Minqi Yang, the first clinic was located in Lund but in 2005 it moved to Stockholm. Since the start we have treated thousands of patients with a diverse range of diseases. Almost all our patients have been satisfied since our treatment has shown real effects. Our patients have either complex health problems that the normal health care system is unable to treat, or more common problems such as colds or stress-related problems.

Our goal is your health!

Our services meet very high standards and therefore gives good results.

April 2009, we decided to improve our service and moved to a very nice clinic on Rådmansgatan 43, next to Sveavägen.

Klinik i Stockholm
The new clinic in Stockholm

Klinik i Stockholm
The old clinic in Stockholm

Klinik i Lund
The old clinic in Lund

Our profile

To see health problems from both Western and Chinese perspective is important to us. We complement the Chinese diagnosis with the Western diagnosis from your regular doctor given to you in the hospital. Combining Western and Chinese medicine tend to produce good results.

Methods of treatment that we use are usually natural herbs and Chinese acupuncture. By combining acupuncture and herbs may the body receives treatment several levels simultaneously.

Our treatments


Among our herbs there are many that help strengthen the body to regain balance between Yin and Yang, as it is called in Chinese medicine. Some famous Chinese herbs are for example: goji berries, chisandra, ginseng, angelica root, ginger and liquorice root.
We have several hundreds of different herbs of the highest quality that our specialists mix to individual recipes. We also have a large assortment of ready-made standard herbal recipes which are very effective.

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The goal of acupuncture is to remove blockages in the body by increasing the flow of life energy Qi, as it is called in Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is very effective against e.g. insomnia, anxiety and stress.

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